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Headache Solutions.png

What kind of headaches do you get? Or do you suffer from a couple different kinds?

Customize your natural headache solutions with these amazing options.

Grouncy Pants Blend.jpg

This amazing blend of just two oils can help reduce grouchiness and transform the mood.

We recommend applying topically and/or diffusing.

Kids Blends.jpg

Kids can benefit from essential oils just like adults can. DoTERRA makes a wonderful kids collection complete with 6 different proprietary blends, flashcards, and a cute carrying case! All kid friendly - prediluted, easy to use, safe for kids!

Make-up Primer.jpg

Let's talk make up primer!!! Apply these two products before you apply powder foundation. If you prefer to feel like you’re not wearing makeup at all, this is a win-win combination! These two all-natural products allow the powder to actually stay on your face all day! Plus they give you a wonderful dew glow, while providing natural anti-aging benefits!!

Copaiba vs CBD.jpg

Copaiba is quickly becoming known for it’s unique properties to soothe aches and pains, to calm the nerves and much more. This essential oil has similar properties to CBD oil but without the THC, and it’s 100% legal!

Hint of Spring Diffuser Blend.png

Want to bring the smell of Spring indoors? This diffuser blend will transform your home into a Springtime spa!

Clear Mind Diffuser Blend.png

This is an amazing blend to clear out the mental clutter and refocus - and it will make your house smell like a spa!

Car Spray.jpg

Cars are great for helping us accomplish our errands or to take a fun road trip. But with all the adventures, our cars can tend to get stuffy and smelly. Try making this simple DIY car spray with essential oils to naturally freshen up your car.

Glass spray bottles like the one pictured above usually come in 8 oz or 16 oz. Either works just fine! We recommend adding 20 drops total of essential oils. You can decide how many drops you would like to add of each individual oil.


This unique combination of essential oils can help the symptoms of your cold, cough, or flu significantly improve quickly! These are must-have oils for whenever we’re feeling under the weather. These are also great oils to have on hand for a variety of other purposes as well!

Remember, these can be used topically, internally, or diffused - customize your cart at the link below!

Diffuser Blends for Better Sleep.png

Who doesn't want better sleep? Why not use essential oils to support those sweet dreams?

Need some of these diffuser ingredients?