How did I get most of my Doterra order for FREE...

Do you want to know my tips and tricks of how I save 55% off of ALL of my Doterra orders, and get tons of FREE oils and products? Then keep reading!!!

loyalty rewards.jpg

This is my July order. As you can see I got a ton of FREE oils and products!! How did I manage to swing it?? This is all because of the MAGIC of the Loyalty Rewards Program from Doterra! 

The Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is a monthly autoship order that you can opt into with any Doterra membership account. With this order you start by saving 10% back on ALL loyalty purchases, and incrementaly go up in percetage, until after 1 year of the Loyalty Rewards Order you  increase to 30% back!! 

30% back from my LRP order, in addition to the 25% that I am already saving from my membership, saves me 55% off the retail price on ALL oils and products!! 



Each month you get to change what is included in your order. AND, if you order before the 15th of the month, and your order qualifies, then you get the FREE product of the month from Doterra! 

If you aren't on a Loyalty Rewards Program yet, then you need to get on one today!! Start ordering smarter and making your dollar go farther! 

Because I shop smart, I am able to stock up on all of our needs for the Fall/Winter...aka...Onguard all of the things! Onguard is the protective blend from Doterra! We use their Onguard everything.. handsoap, throat lozenges, softgels, oils, cleaners. If it has Onguard on it, we use it in our house! Because let's be honest, who has time to be sick!! 


Are you ready to get started with Doterra Essential oils? Click here and follow the prompts. I highly recommend getting started with a kit! Not only do you get your starter oils at a discount (hello extra savings), but you also get the yearly membership for FREE!!!! Simply pick a starter kit that is right for your budget!